April 18, 2024

CCO website collection

Seeking a collection of websites that provide CCO textures, materials, images, and more?

You're in luck! We've compiled a list just for you. If you find a website valuable, please consider donating to support their continued availability for the future. Your support makes a meaningful difference!

Please remember to diligently review the usage licenses for anything you download to ensure it aligns with your requirements. While delving into this diverse range of content, keep in mind that you bear the ultimate responsibility for any unexpected consequences or claims arising from its usage. Baked Pixels cannot be held liable for such occurrences.

List with CCO Textures and Materials

3D Textures: https://3dtextures.me/ - PBR Textures, Tutorials - 3D Textures offers a selection of high-quality, photorealistic PBR textures along with tutorials for using them effectively in various digital projects.

3DXO: https://3dxo.com/ - 3D Models, Photos, Textures - 3DXO offers a collection of free downloads, including diverse 3D models, photos, and textures.

All3dfree: https://www.all3dfree.net/ - 3D Models - All3dfree provides a broad range of free 3D models for various applications.

AmbientCG: https://ambientcg.com/ - 3D Models, HDRIs, SBSARs, Textures - AmbientCG offers a variety of digital assets including high-quality textures, HDRIs for realistic lighting, Substance files (SBSARs) for customizable materials, and a selection of 3D models. These resources are available under a Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain License.

Archivetextures: https://www.archivetextures.net/ - Textures - Archivetextures provides a collection of textures suitable for various creative and design projects.

CC0 Textures: https://cc0textures.com/ - 3D Models, HDRIs, Materials, SBSARs - CC0 Textures offers a range of assets, including high-resolution materials with PBR maps, HDRIs for realistic lighting, SBSAR files for customizable materials, and 3D models.

CGbookcase: https://cgbookcase.com/ - Guides, PBR Textures, Tutorials - CGbookcase offers a collection of high-quality, photorealistic PBR textures along with tutorials and guides on using them effectively. The resources aim to make 3D rendering more accessible.

Everytexture: https://everytexture.com/ - Digital, Fabric, Metal, Nature, Paint, Paper, Pavement, Plastic, Rock, Wood Textures - Everytexture offers a diverse range of texture categories, including digital, fabric, metal, nature, paint, paper, pavement, plastic, rock, and wood. These high-quality textures are suitable for various creative and commercial projects.

FreeStylized: https://freestylized.com - PBR Materials, Smart Materials, Texture Generators - FreeStylized offers a variety of photorealistic PBR materials and texture generators, including smart materials compatible with various 3D software.

NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/ - Education, Research, Space Exploration - NASA's website focuses on space exploration, scientific research, and educational resources related to its various missions and projects, offering a wealth of information about space, Earth science, and technological advancements.

PBR Materials: https://pbrmaterials.com/ - 1K/2K/4K Resolutions, Full PBR Sets, High-Quality Materials - PBR Materials provides high-quality PBR materials in various resolutions, including 1K, 2K, and 4K, with complete PBR sets suitable for various 3D projects.

Poly Haven: https://polyhaven.com/ - HDRIs, Models, Textures - Poly Haven offers a range of 3D assets, including high-quality HDRIs, models, and textures, all available for free use.

Render Spring: https://renderspring.com/ - 3D Models, Audio, Decals, Photogrammetry, Textures - Render Spring provides a range of assets, including 3D models, audio files, decals, photogrammetry scans, and textures.

Share Textures: https://sharetextures.com/ - 3D Models, Atlases, Textures - Share Textures offers a wide variety of 3D models, a large collection of textures, and atlases, all available for free use under a CC0 license.

Solar Scope: https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/ - High Resolution, NASA Data, Planetary Maps, Ultra Resolution - Solar Scope offers a collection of textures based on NASA data, including high-resolution planetary maps of various celestial bodies.

Texture Haven: https://texturehaven.com/ - HDRIs, Models, Textures - Texture Haven provides high-quality HDRIs, models, and textures, all under a CC0 license, allowing unrestricted use in projects.

Texture Ninja: https://texture.ninja/ - Textures - Texture Ninja is a resource offering a wide range of textures. The specific categories of textures provided are not detailed due to the technical limitations of the website. This site can be a valuable resource for various creative and design projects requiring textural elements.

List with CCO image websites:

Openverse: https://www.openverse.org - Images, Audio - A platform offering a vast collection of openly licensed images and audio files, suitable for a wide range of creative projects.

Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/ - Photos, Videos - A resource for high-quality photos and videos offered under a free license, which supports a wide range of creative and commercial projects.

PixaHive: https://www.pixahive.com - Photos, Digital Art - Offers a diverse collection of photos and digital art, providing creative assets for a variety of projects.

Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/ - Photos, Videos, Music - Provides a vast collection of free-to-use photos, videos, and music tracks, ideal for various creative and commercial projects.

RawPixel: https://www.rawpixel.com - Images, PSD Mockups, Vectors - Known for its unique and diverse collection of images, PSD mockups, and vector graphics, catering to various design and project needs.

ShotStash: https://www.shotstash.com - Photos - Offers a curated collection of free stock photos available for both personal and commercial use, catering to a wide variety of themes and subjects.

StockSnap.io: https://www.stocksnap.io - Photos - Provides a wide range of high-quality stock photos that are free for personal and commercial use, featuring an extensive collection to suit various project needs.

Unsplash: https://www.unsplash.com - Photos - Renowned for offering a vast collection of high-resolution photos freely available for both personal and commercial use, contributed by photographers worldwide.

Vecteezy: https://www.vecteezy.com - Vector Art, Photos, Videos - Offers a comprehensive platform for finding high-quality vector art, stock photos, and videos, supporting creative projects with a wide range of visual assets.