Emile de Lat
3D Specialist

Maxon Cinema4D Certified Trainer
Co-founder Publixr


C4D Training & Certification
Problem solving XR solutions

PubliXR Solutions

The PowerPoint for 3D and AR. From user manual to technical procedure. Make valuable knowledge and experiences graphical. Learn more

Optimise your business
No 3D knowledge required
Reduce CO2 emissions
CMM 3D Producer

Learn Cinema4D from A-Z in 6 months. Join the classroom at CMM in Amsterdam or Online from your desk. Learn more

Maxon One Student License
Blended Learning
Maxon Certification (optional)
Cinema4D Consulting

Starting a new 3D team or need a fresh view on your existing pipeline or workflows?

Custom Implementations
Workflow optimisation
Maxon Certification

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Emile de Lat


Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked independent on a diverse range of challenges in the post-production. You can find me in the (live)studio or at the office in Hilversum. Developing Publixr as a co-founder is my latest challenge. Go to Publixr blog